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US $ 2190,00*

book your week!!!!!!

We are now available for the upcoming 2024/25 season for Panama Kayak Fishing Expedition


There will be only 12 regular weeks available from December to May with groups of maximum 6 people for kayak or boat fishing and minimun 4 people with everything planned to suit every sport fisherman profile.

If you don't have a closed group, talk to me and I'll find a space for you.

If you want a special trip with a group smaller than 4 fishermen, talk to me. I can create personalized weeks for you.

Tembladera is our home before it was a fishing lodge.


It will be a pleasure to welcome you here for this experience in one of the most remote places in Panama.

*Price for groups of at least 4 people. There may be other fishermen in the same week, up to a maximum of 6.

If you want an exclusive week for your group of 4 people, check exclusive week prices

These prices are valid for our next season
​December 2024 to May 2025 inclusive
​Prices shown are in US Dollars

Payment at the lodge during the check-in


6 nights stay and 5 full days fishing

Transfer from Panama City to Cambutal in our van

Transfer by boat to the Lodge from Cambutal 

All meals and your accommodation in our ecologic lodge 
Use of our super-panga mothership boats every day 

Use our kayaks and accessories

Filtered water, tea and coffee 

Captain/Guide for each boat


Your flights to Panama City

Transport, food and drinks in the City 

Hotel accommodation in Panama City - from $60/night

Alcoholic beverages - we operate a 'bring your own' policy

Fishing equipment - we offer hire tackle if required

Under Panamanian law, tips are optional

Personal access to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi comunication

Tembladera is one of the most remote places in Panama and our aim is to have as little impact as possible on the local ecosystem and environment.

On the other hand, for security reasons, we maintain access to Wi-Fi via satellite for basic emergency communication and to keep everyone involved in the expedition minimally informed about what is happening outside the expedition. 

Please note that Wi-Fi is specifically for emergency.

Personal access to the local Wi-Fi network is possible for an additional fee, which is not included in the rate.

Please note that our Wi-Fi equipment is satellite-based and the personal service provided will be subject to the quality of the signal provided by the service provider.

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