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Greetings from Panama! Our new season is now underway.

Here are some details that we need to see for your next trip. There are some new items that we need to add to the list of kits you MUST bring with you. Some of these may seem obvious, but it 

is surprising what can be overlooked at times.....


1 - Soap/Shampoo & washing kit

2 - Towel

3 - Drybag for delicate/electrical products (we may get wet on the boat transfer)

4 - A water bottle/bottle (to use when in your kayak)

5 - VHF radio


IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all of our guests bring a portable waterproof VHF and personal radio with them. Safety is our number one priority and this is a common request from kayak lodges around the world today. If you fall or get in trouble...... you contact us by radio....... we rescue you! SIMPLE!!!! They are not outrageously expensive..... but they can save your life! It will also allow you to get the most out of your fishing, because you will be in direct contact with your guide on the boat. PLEASE DON'T FORGET THIS ESSENTIAL PART OF THE KIT!!!!


Disclaimer: We will ask all our guests to fill out a simple disclaimer form when 

meet our driver. It is a standard type of document that you would expect to sign whenever you participate in adventurous, high-risk activities anywhere in the world.


Please also bring a photocopy of your passport!!! 


This is a new requirement under Panamanian law since 2019. We thank you for your time and understanding.

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