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Tackle List

Please try to follow this list in order to make sure you get the right baits. The exact models and colors are very important and will condition how well your fishing week turns out.


As for the rods and reels, you have the possibility to rent them here (2 sets).

Please contact me for more details.


Recommended rods and reels


1 spinning combination 50/60 lbs. Length: between 7'to 8' equivalent to:

 Rod: Shimano Terez HEAVY

 Reel: Shimano Saragosa SW8000º

 Line: Power pro 50/60lbs


1 speed-jigging 50/60lbs. combination for speed jigging, live bait and trolling. Length: 6'.

Rod: Shimano Trevala 6'6 medium fast

Reel: Shimano Saragosa reel SW8000 or conventional

Line: Power pro 50/60lbs


Mono 80 lbs for spinning and speed jigging

Mono 120 lbs for live bait.

Replace rings and hooks if necessary!!!)


Feeder Popper 150 Tackle house

River Dumbell Popper 150 F offshore

Daïwa Popper

Strike pro Tuna Hunter Junior140

Skitter Pop 120 Rapala

Color: Sardine/blue

Pole Bait: (floating/sinking)

X rap Subwalk Rapala (pink color)

Mag Darter YoZuri 125

Buster Jerk Strike Pro edition 15cm

Colors: blue/sardine and pink.


Shimano Flat Drop 100 and 130gr

Shimano Coltsnipper 80gr and 100gr (blue and pink)

Colors: pink/chrome

Plugs (must have):

Williamson Speed Pro Deep 130

color: bruised purple or hot pink

Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow red head with yellow body


We have very good fish action on micro jigs, so these should be in your fishing gear as well.

Choose micro jigs up to 40 grams in blue, pink and chrome colors.



This is also a very important part of the success of your fishing trip. Bring heavy duty triple hooks like OWNER ST66. Most original hooks will be bent by most fish here. Keep the same size as the original.

Also bring some circle live bait hooks. I recommend VMC 3X circle hook Nemesis 7/0 black.

Other equipment:

100 lbs solid ring

100 lbs split rings

Split ring pliers



Good hat or cap

Polarized sunglasses

Long-sleeve shirt and pants

Insect repellent

Very good water shoes for walking on cold shores (important)


bath towel / soap

dry bags

optional: small echo-sounder (you can charge your battery at the campsite)

VHF radio.


Also bring that artificial bait from your heart that you use on every fishing trip. Maybe it will work and you can increase the number of fishing stories with your favorite bait.

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